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Zulfiqar Ali not being hanged in Indonesia latest news


Zulfiqar Ali not being hanged in Indonesia latest news

On 29 July 2016 Indonesia halted executions of citizens Zulfiqar Ali false drug charges when the government approved the request to reconsider the case. The Indonesian government to implement the execution of Zulfikar Ali accepted the appeal and the case is to re Talking to Express News from Indonesia Zulfiqar Ali friend, Jamil said. Today, only 4 of the 14 were executed. Their bodies were handed over to their family friend, said Ali. It will now be Zulfiqar Ali will meet Monday and modified It will be the case when the same day, he said. He said that Zulfiqar case embassy did not help much, there was no official Embassy in prison, there were only the Zulfiqar family.

Zulfiqar Ali Execution

Zulfiqar Ali not being hanged in Indonesia latest news

Officials of Pakistan claimed that the Pakistani ambassador to Indonesia met with the authorities and all diplomatic efforts were, however, did not respond to the legal and diplomatic contacts in this regard. Earlier, the Ambassador said that we believe in the legal system anduysya but justice in the case of Pakistan, Zulfikar not been fulfilled. He said that Pakistan was not yet rejected the request by and there is still hope.

Zulfiqar Ali latest News

The human rights organization Amnesty International had also turned Indonesia’s prison to prison in Pakistan Zulfiqar including social media to stop sentenced 14 other defendants executed website tuytrprmhm I had appealed to the public to jokowi @ increase the appeal to halt executions Indonesian sources. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the president of Indonesia was urged to ban executions of drug offenders on death row in Indonesia. He said that the death penalty can only be given serious offenses, but drug cases come into the category of serious crimes. Indonesia’s former president Habib BJP also demanded to sentence the accused the current president wrote.

Zulfiqar Ali Phansi

FO sophisticated Zakaria has 2 appeals to Zulfiqar Ali judicial review said while reacting to the execution of Zulfiqar Ali, the appeal is expected when made in 2008 and 2013 andunysyyn the humanitarian appeal for mercy ZA will consider the grounds. The Ali Lahore, Zulfiqar heroin trafficking with that trapped her friendship Indian Gurdeep was held with Singh heroin trafficking case where a resident who was Indonesia for 15 years before employment and also accused the two involved were given death sentences


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