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Zimbabwe Tour of Pakistan, Tight security arrangements


Zimbabwe Tour of Pakistan 2015

Pakistan vs Zimbabwe 

Pakistan city of Lahore in Punjab province of Pakistan cricket team to visit Zimbabwe to meet the strict security measures have been taken which include ground and air surveillance in Zimbabwe Tour of Pakistan.

Zimbabwe cricket team in Lahore is the night between Monday and Tuesday . Adeel Akram told our correspondent that the Gaddafi stadium for security and law enforcement agencies outside kygrdu being sygst the periodic aerial surveillance by helicopter is also underway Zimbabwe Tour of Pakistan.

Zimbabwe Tour of Pakistan

Zimbabwe Tour of Pakistan For any type of emergency should be immediately withdrawn from the district government has also been planned for this purpose is the helicopter landing rehearsals . Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore Park Sports Complex adjacent needles around 100 CCTV cameras have been installed . Where it will be monitored 24 hours.

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Zimbabwe cricket team to tour are the two T- 20 and play three one-dayers . Which will begin on May 22 . Fans coming to see matches just two doors from the inside , allowing the parking of vehicles is kept a little away from the stadium . Walk from the stadium where fans will be entered into Zimbabwe Tour of Pakistan.

The 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team since the team ‘s first Test tour of Pakistan . Police forces have already been deployed , and the stadium near all business centers and restaurants have been closed for two weeks.

Before you this Saturday and Sunday teams of police in full dress rehearsal of the private airport hotel and then traveled to the Gaddafi Stadium reviewed.

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