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Windows 10 Will Be Free Upgrade For All In Summer 2015


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Windows 10 Will Be Free Upgrade For All Summer 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 release will be a free upgrade not only for users running genuine copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 but for all who are running less-than-legitimate copies of those OS version as well.

Considering Microsoft’s decades-long history of fighting off those who might use its software without paying for the privilege, the move by the company to bring the tens of thousands (more likely millions) of outlying fugitive Windows installations into no-cost compliance is somewhat surprising. After all, Microsoft was the first to bring the practice of software activation into play, forcing purchasers of Windows XP back in 2001 to not only enter license keys to install the OS but also to jump through yet another hoop to activate those keys. So much has changed since those heady shrink-wrapped-box-insert-CD/DVD days, however, and with Apple making their operating system a free distribution with the introduction of OS X Mavericks in 2013, a free (well, sorta) Windows was really just a matter of times.



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