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Windows 10 Releasing this Summer Still No Confirm Date


Windows 10 release date


Windows 10 Releasing this Summer Still No Confirm Date.

Microsoft give some new information on Windows 10, including the fact that Microsoft latest and greatest operating system will be launching this summer to 190 countries, which is earlier than the previously expected fall release.

When Windows 10 arrives, many users will be able to upgrade to the new platform free of charge; anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will be eligible for the free upgrade. To prepare for the launch, Microsoft has been working to enable the upgrade from within the Windows Updates main menu.

Some customers in China will have an easier time upgrading to Windows 10 than the rest of the world. Lenovo plans to use 2,500 service centers inside retail stores in China to upgrade products to the latest version of Windows.

Those who don’t own a Lenovo system in China will be able to upgrade through Tencent’s QQ instant messenger program. In addition to facilitating the upgrade through its servers, Tencent also plans to include Tencent Video and Tencent PC Manager applications with the upgrade.


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