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Why Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge ran for 20 years

indian latest movies This film was significant to Bollywood, as when Harry Met Sally was to Hollywood – a rom-com which defined a generation. The romance forged by two expat Indians who meet on an inter-railing trip around Europe, still warms hearts today, however outdated it now feels. It also fulfilled every cliche in the Bollywood rule book, while showing a new self confidence about the portrayal of love. A boy named Raj falls for a young woman named Simran, her father disapproves and tries to marry her off to someone else. Raj tries to win her family over, but it all ends up in a bloody fight scene (where grown men are seen hitting each other with sticks). But a few black eyes later true love prevails, The idea of a “love” marriage was still seen as rebellious in 1990s India, but the finale where Simran’s father finally gives in provided the perfect family-friendly ending. “It says that it is cool to be Raj and Simran while maintaining our Indianness and culture,” actor Shah Rukh Khan said of the film last year…

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