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Wagah Border Ceremony Live 14 August 2016


Wagah Border Ceremony Live 14 August 2016

This season at Wagah Border Pakistani People are celebrating the 70th Independence day 14 August 2016.

Waga Border Full Parade Ceremony Live 14 August 2016

Wagah Border Ceremony Live 14 August 2016

70th Independence Day of the country have been given fresh sacrifices for freedom and the creation of Pakistan which are being organized various events on the occasion being celebrated with traditional enthusiasm today.

Start the day on the Independence Day in Islamabad in 31 provincial capitals from 21.21 gun salute , prayer after the nation’s prosperity , solidarity and security , Structure of unity and struggle of Kashmiris longstanding success special prayers were prayed for . As well as other religious minorities have also arranged special prayer ceremonies for survival and security.

Wagah Border Parade 14 August 2016

Federal ministers , members of National Assembly and Senate and a large number of ambassadors , including the main event of the celebration of the Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad in which the President , Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and army chief General Raheel Sharif . On this occasion, the President read the national anthem after hoisting the national flag . On this occasion the Prime Minister ; and mingled with the children.

Quaid mausoleum in Karachi when it was held grand celebrations guards change at Allama Iqbal mausoleum in Lahore . Celebration of Quetta, the country being celebrated with traditional enthusiasm and a spirit is , of dignitaries attended the arranged event in the Bugti Stadium in Quetta, the Governor of Balochistan , held in Quetta I was a minute of silence in memory of those who died . The event was also held in the Independence area.

All important public and private buildings in major cities, including Islamabad on Independence Day, roads , intersections electric lights , national flags , national leaders photographs , banners decorated with aurjhndyun . The view of security concerns over the independence of the country ‘s cell phone service in 40 cities , including the provincial capitals.


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