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Veera 11th June 2015 Written Episodes

Veera 11th June 2015 Written Episodes

Veera concerning Preeto’s matter answer he gave within the council He says he can see Dilawar if he goes against his promise. She asks can Preeto get fine. He says affirmative, I m certain she’s going to be fine. She says she is in coma, folks don’t pick up for years. He says this point this won’t happen, as you and that i area unit along, after we area unit along, everything is okay. He makes her have the lassi and she or he smiles.

Veera 11th June 2015

Veera 11th June 2015 Written Episodes

Ranvi involves meet Deepu. He asks concerning Geet, why is she not taking the decision. Deep says Geet is incredibly dada, Dadi scolded her and Geet is crying. He asks wherever is she. She says terrace. He goes to fulfill Geet at the terrace and she or he tries to avoid him. She says Veera isn’t reception. He says I came to fulfill you. She says she’s going to ne’er sing from these days. He asks why is she spoken communication thus, Deepu aforementioned what happened here. Geet asks what did she say. He says that Manjeet has scolded you, you can’t ruin your life if she says, i will be able to justify her. Geet asks him to vow he won’t talk over with her. He asks why, what happened. Geet says I m tired, I can’t build her additional aggravated, I can’t hear additional taunts, i will be able to not sing, you can go.
He says you’re my friend, and she or he was singing for Deepu’s future, I can’t see you living in concern. She recollects Manjeer’s words and moves his hand away. Deepu says Dadi continually scolds, why is she upset. Geet asks her to be silent. Deepu says she likes once her mum sings. Ranvi asks Geet to not scold Deepu. Manjeet comes and asks whats happening here. Veera hugs Baldev. He says she is wanting sweet within the white hair. She sees the lassi marks within the mirror and asks him to wash it. They romance and she or he runs. He catches her and holds her shut. He kisses her. Gunjan comes and coughs seeing them. She smiles and says sorry, i will be able to come back later. Baldev says i used to be seeing her eyes, one thing went in her eyes. Veera says i will be able to get lassi.
Gunjan thinks Baldev is wanting happy for an extended time, I shouldn’t tell him concerning American state and Ranvi’s fight. She says she has simply come back. He asks whats the matter. She says everything is okay. He gets a decision and goes. Veera brings lassi and provides her. Gunjan says she is glad seeing their patchup. Veera says even I m glad, i need things to be fine. She says Ranvi and you ne’er fight. Baldev comes and Gunjan says she has some work. She leaves. Baldev tells Veera that he felt Gunjan is upset. She says perhaps what happened on stage created her upset.
Ranvi explains Manjeet to let Geet sing, she sings fine, she will come back to studio and see. Geet says Deepu was asking American state to sing, however I told her I won’t sing. Manjeet asks why, Lord gave you a decent voice, why area unit you refusing to sing, can’t elders scold children, does one not scold Deepu, it doesn’t mean you permit to be happy. Manjeet acts and thinks in FB however Dilawar born her home. She sees Ranvi and Geet along on the terrace and gets angry. Dilawar says if we’ve got to fail switch, we’ve got to form her roots weak, let Ranvi meet Geet, once switch is aware of that Ranvi is offender, what’s going to she suppose, Ranvi’s clear image are going to be stained. Manjeet thinks Dilawar aforementioned right, she ought to encourage Geet and Ranvi.
Deepu says she’s going to associate with Ranvi and Geet. Manjeet says she’s going to watch out of Deepu. Geet and Ranvi get glad to require Deepu and he hugs Deepu, spoken communication he can take Deepu to pleasure ground. Manjeet smiles as things area unit going as her set up. Baldev and Veera come back to Preeto’s home to envision Dilawar gave them cash or not. Preeto’s daughters tells them that Dilawar has associate with cash and toys, however Dadi aforementioned he’s a foul guy. Biji scolds Dilawar blaming him for Preeto’s state, she’s going to ne’er forgive him. Dilawar gets angry. He sees Veera and Baldev within the mirror and starts his acting. He says he can pay the hospital bills, he has paid the varsity fees of the youngsters, why will she not trust him. Biji scolds him.
Ranvi says he can leave currently and are available to select Geet and Deepu. Manjeet says she needs to talk over with him. He says affirmative, say Tai ji. Manjeet says she has seen Geet upset, she married in 18years, became mother in nineteen years and widow in twenty three years, she doesn’t keep happy. She asks him to stay Geet happy and he agrees smile
Gunjan scolds Ranvi for going with Deepu and Geet, and blames Veera to bring Geet in their life. Baldev and Veera hear this dismayed. Baldev gets angry and holds Ranvi’s collar asking him to not hurt Gunjan, else he won’t leave him.

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