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Toshiba outs More Details On New Projects Ara Modules


Toshiba Outs More Details On New Project Ara Modules

Toshiba’s Japanese website now lists many new details about its Project Ara modules.

Last month, we covered details about Toshiba’s Project Ara cameras modules, and since then Toshiba has increased the resolution for two of them. The lowest-end camera now offers 2.1 MP, up from the previously-reported 2 MP; although this seems like a minor change, it does make the camera capable of full HD recording at 60fps.

The mid-range camera gets a bigger improvement, leaping from 5 MP to 8 MP, and it’s capable of recording at 30 fps at its max resolution. This new camera also boasts a more energy efficient design that the company claims will reduce power consumption by around 15 percent compared to other 8 MP cameras.

In addition to the camera modules, Toshiba is working on a media bar module, which utilizes the 8 MP camera mentioned above and includes an audio codec and a speaker.

There’s also a display module in the works that will work with LCD and OLED displayand contains an audio codec with microphone and headphone connections



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