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This Is Spartan,Microsoft New Browser In Windows 10


This Is Spartan, Microsoft's New Browser In Windows 10

Microsoft  Announced a new web browser codenamed “Project Spartan,” which is meant to replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10, One of the main changes in this browser compared to IE is the rendering engine. Microsoft claimed it’s a new rendering engine, although previous reports have said it’s actually a clean fork of Trident, IE’s old rendering engine. More details should come out later about whether this rendering engine has been rewritten from scratch, or whether it still uses some parts from Trident,  There have also been rumors that Project Spartan will bring native support for extensions, just like Chrome. In fact, Spartan may even be able to work with Chrome’s own extensions. However, Microsoft didn’t made any mention of this today, so it’s unclear whether the rumors were false or whether Microsoft was not ready to share that feature right now,  creating a new browser from scratch that has to support all the latest HTML5 specs as its basic requirement is a hard enough task, and Microsoft’s Spartan team may not have had enough time to have the extension support ready by now. This feature may still show up by the time Windows 10 launches later this year.


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