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Tashfeen Malik Link With Laal Masjid and Molana Abdul Aziz


Tashfeen Malik Link With Laal Masjid and Molana Abdul Aziz

After California Attack investigators found some Pictures of Tashfeen Malik with Laal Masjid Chief Molana Abdul Aziz, Pm Nawaz Sharif was informed by US Senior officer in London about this.

Weekly press briefing in Washington, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Tashfin country was a citizen of the United States and one of the visas issued by Pakistan Syed Rizwan Farooq was born in the United States and 5 years he was employed at the local health department. He Tashfin the country ‘Forest’ delivered to the fiance visa was issued, however, can not say for sure that the Tashfin when the visa was issued and before the US have traveled to Saudi Arabia, Tashfin country with her husband to travel to Saudi Arabia.

US has no information. The police Syed Rizwan Farooq’s residence in the number of weapons and explosives have been recovered. Police seized weapons, 5 thousand tablets, 12 pipe bombs, pistols and explosives were recovered enough to wage war on that scale is limited. He and his wife Dr Syed Rizwan Malik 2 days before Tashfin California area in the center of San brnardynu mental disabilities dead 14 people were killed and 21 wounded when two gunmen killed in shootout with police.


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  1. pakistan mean Punjabistan…Kanger Rangers and Punjabhi daggay Agencies are basically creator and supporters of Terrorist and Terrorist organization and their supporting parties LIKE Imran Khan PTI and JI… Despite of open statement in favor of ISIS by Molana Lal Masjid nothing happened Agencies didn’t arrest him WHY??? because simple reason they are the one behind of all Jehad and Terrorism all over the world….. and those who come against of them they are being targeted like MQM Liberal and progressive party against of Taliban and Extemism …. Only Mushraf has the vision that is why he attacked Lal Masjid but our court they are also supporters of Jahadies and Taliban they let him free but Musharraf is being trail under high treason.. What a joke…. More then half of Punjabistan is supporters of ISIS and Jehadies and 90 percent of Army is from Punjab… So simple this will keeping happening i have no Surprise…… That is why i left pakistan. I have no mercy for them because they love Jehad and Exterism, Punjabi Establishment and Agencies if one who promote and support it…..

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