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Syrian born women in the US presidential election race


Syrian born women in the US presidential election race

Syrian born women in the US presidential election race

London: A Syrian-born woman, Soraya Dolly Fas next US presidential election race in Fes and swing these days are his presidential campaign. The desire to become the next President of the United States having a non-political figure, he hugged Fes 2016 presidential elections as an independent candidate has submitted his nomination papers. Soraya Fes Web site shows that they belonged to the Republican Party as the party’s candidate to face difficulty in agreeing to rayyhasl view of the independent candidates have submitted their nomination papers. Fes Soraya says that an American fair education, a decent job and deserves to be successful and as a president in the country for only a few people, but for the improvement opportunities will be created. In his video message he particularly illegal immigrants and homeless people’s problems and solve the problems of life is discussed.

Soraya, a Syrian immigrant in New York in 1981, was born. Michael Fez 1971. His father emigrated from Syria came to New York while his mother is from Venezuela to the stretcher. Soraya Catholic and Brooklyn in New York, grew up in an Italian neighborhood. His family to Miami in 1996, had moved to Florida. Soraya political science and international relations from the University of Florida holds the European Studies and Asian Studies is also studied. The double Masters in Political Science and Sociology degree and academic past fifteen years, where the young and adult education have been serving as a teacher.

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