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Shastri Sisters 11th June 2015 Written Episode

Shastri Sisters 11th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Astha language its sensible they grasp her. She says she needs all the items she lost, she needs her house and husband back, and Vrinda ought to kick out Rohan and Astha. She lays her conditions and says she’s going to take her grievance back. Sunil says he won’t stick with Astha, its higher if he dies. Astha acts sensible to him and says Rohan can die. Sunil says i will be able to save my brother, you can’t do something. Astha laughs and says she did what she had to, and he couldn’t do something. Sunil pushes her and Vrinda stops him.

Shastri Sisters 11th June 2015

Shastri Sisters 11th June 2015 Written Episode

Astha asks why did they decision him, {she can|she is planning to|she’s going to} see World Health Organization will free Rohan from going to jail. She says Alka be able to attend Vanvas with Rohan. Alka cries.
Leela and Kajal square measure happy and speak. Kajal says what they came for, they got that issue. Peeya hears this and tells Semitic deity and Rajat. Semitic deity says we should always tell Sareen and Minty. Devyaani says you each got to be there. Devyaani says take a look at reports failed to get something, so that they got to return home to show Kajal. Kajal says Semitic deity can’t prove something, Semitic deity are going to be speech her clever sisters and notice a way, she doesn’t grasp I m a lot of clever. Leela asks did she do that by design and Kajal smiles. Vrinda and everybody sit for dinner. Vrinda recollects Astha’s words and is disturbed.
Vrinda says I feel Rohan ought to apologize to Astha. all of them get afraid. Alka says sorry, however she perpetually say right issue, however not this point. Vrinda says they’re sensible individuals and can’t be right to fight like this, Astha will do something to win. Alka says thus what, if they agree these days, she will do something tomorrow. Vrinda asks what to try and do then, we could begin fighting case within the court, in order that news comes in open. She says Rohan will apologize. Rohan refuses and says he can do as Alka says, if he apologizes, he won’t be happy, he can regret if he will this. Vrinda says fine, its your life, do as you wish, you’ll ruin it if you wish. Rohan asks Alka to not worry and holds her hand.
Sareen family sit for dinner. Rajat and Semitic deity argue within the balcony thus loudly and Devyaani and Peeya throws the utensils. Rajat blames Semitic deity for everything and says he can return to his mum and pop. He comes back downstairs. He apologizes and Sareen asks him to not leave home like this, and Rajat blames Semitic deity and speaks against her. Kajal smiles seeing Rajat against Semitic deity. Minty appearance on and will settle for Rajat back. Kajal says Rajat left Minty alone and mum was thus upset with him, and currently he has come, however can Minty raise him to remain here, Rajat will return once more.
Rajat goes to area and talks to Semitic deity. Semitic deity asks him to continue his acting and ends decision. Rajat goes out and says he can have food outside, and eat any dangerous food. He thinks atleast Neil will facilitate and walks towards the door together with his bag. Sareen and Neil stop Rajat. Rajat says no, I can’t keep here. Neil says please come back. Rajat says no, I don’t wish to harm anyone. Sareen says they’re going to not get hurt by him, husband and mate fight, it doesn’t mean he takes an enormous step. Rajat says fine, if you’re forcing. Rajat sees Semitic deity and smiles.

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