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Shah Rukh Khan, ‘King of Romance’ honoured in UK


Known as thShahrukh khane “King of Bollywood”, Shah Rukh Khan reigns supreme as one of the world’s highest paid actors,  And this week he has been in the UK where he was honoured by Parliament for outstanding achievements in Indian cinema. Fondly known as the King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan not only has a nationwide but also a global appeal when it comes to his stardom. Fans across the world have appreciated the actor in almost all the avatars that he has entertained us with, over the decades. Even today, he is one among the iconic khans who has maintained a stupendous box office record, at the same time, the actor has received many acknowledgements and awards for his global image.

Now, after the French honour, Shah Rukh Khan received the Global Diversity Award for his outstanding contribution in cinema and for other endeavours. Thrilled about adding yet another feather to his cap, Shah Rukh Khan said he has been humbled by this award and that he has got more than what he deserved. Explaining his London connection, the actor also mentioned that his first visit to this England capital was during Baazigar, one of the initial days of his Bollywood career,..


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