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Shah Rukh Khan honored PhD degree


Shah Rukh Khan honored PhD degree

Scotland’s Edinburgh University Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, his work in movies and public welfare activities, is awarded honorary doctorate degrees.If you are entitled. Shah Rukh Khan said, “Many times I have to work up to 18 hours a day, it is not a snob. If you are in the entertainment industry to meet the expectations of the people have to do. “He denied that the actors themselves are radical. Shah Rukh said: “Actors are not self. If that were so different from the kind of man I can not contribute to foot. You play different roles in different days, so you can not focus on themselves, so in spite of the self.

Shah Rukh Khan honored PhD degree

Shah Rukh Khan honored PhD degree

He has undertaken several real Shah Rukh and screen becomes blurred the line between role. According to him, “When you roll it up for 18 hours while it gets a little difficult to tell who is the real Shah Rukh. You get off. Perhaps with their children stay in their original form. “Shah Rukh Khan said that women in India are making their location. However, they are not getting justice now, they are still discriminated against. The fee should be uniform in the film industry. But it will take time. Your company name before I heroines in films. ‘He said,’ I agree that Bollywood actresses are paid less, but now things are changing, too. “Bollywood superstar said. The role of the actresses in his films successful than their lives, they work hard, but they do not get credit for it.

Updated: October 16, 2015 — 2:24 pm

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