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Saudi Arabia Yemen ceasefire proposal , subject to 5 days

Saudi Arabia Yemen ceasefire

Saudi Arabia 5 days subject to humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen suggested that the Houthi rebels during the fighting must stop.

According to a foreign news agency, US Secretary of State John Kerry on the situation in Yemen and Saudi King Salman was discussed between the Kerry the humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen from Saudi appeal.

Saudi Arabia Yemen ceasefire

Saudi Arabia Yemen ceasefire

The meeting between the two leaders on the briefing said Saudi Foreign Minister Salman Shah 5 days for a ceasefire in Yemen, suggested that international organizations came together to aid victims during this period Houthi rebels to lay down arms in the process from Allied air strikes would not be stop.

After meeting with Saudi Saudi counterpart , Secretary of State John Kerry said at a press conference, in Yemen ceasefire would be subject to the rebels and their supporters have the chance for peace, after the ceasefire announcement I will be. He spoke with the Saudi sovereign while sending ground troops into Yemen for Saudi Arabia Yemen ceasefire.

The Saudi Foreign Minister abdaljbyrny conditional ceasefire offer to Yemen with 27 million to 40 million dollars,when it was announced that the ceasefire agreement would be renewable for periods of work and dependent husyun Iran this consent will not try to take advantage of the ceasefire and further information will be held in Paris on Friday, which will be given at the meeting will be attended by foreign ministers of Arab countries.

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