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Sath Nibhana Sathiya 18 june 2015 Full Episode

Sath Nibhana Sathiya 18 june 2015 Full Episode

Kokila sadly tells family however will Meera bother her family. Vidya tells concerning some finding on CCTV footage.

Meera tells Sanskar that as a result of Gopi she was suffering since childhood. She reminisces however she created pretend finer and sent it to Modi bhavan along with her ring on that. Sanskar smiles.
Gopi says she wasn’t with Meera once she required her and continues blaming herself. Kokila reminisces seeing a mud bucket once she kicked Sanskar and says Meera planned to require ransom and even insult Gopi.

Sath Nibhana Sathiya 18 june 2015

Sath Nibhana Sathiya 18 june 2015

Sanskar praises Meera that she may be a natural player and asks what’s going to she do next to torture her family. she’s going to allow them to sleep and begin worrisome from tomorrow. She tells as a result of Gopi, her pappa unnoticed her.
Hetal tells family that she cannot believe covert girl was Meera. Kokila says she is 100 percent positive as she picked broken frame from ground and unbroken it back fastidiously and the way can intruder recognize wherever Meera’s passport is.

Sanskar tells Meera to induce her removed from Modis and this country, she wants his passport. Vidya on the opposite aspect tells Ahem that they need Meera’s passport and he or she cannot leave country currently. Gopi asks what Meera desires to try to to. Ahem says he can decision Sanskar and calls him. Sanskar panics. Meera says by currently they recognize that they’re along. She picks calls. Ahem asks what’s wrong along with her. She asks what’s wrong with him, he doesn’t see something except Gopi and didn’t understand however way she went from him. She continues that Gopi keeps ordering everybody. She was breathless therein house, thus she got out of it, currently she’s going to ne’er return there. Gopi once more starts crying and protesting.
Kinjal sees Urmila sleeping and thinks she will be able to attend Modi bhavan currently peacefully and leaves. Urmila wakes up and thinks she’s going to not let her go. She sees water mug and gets a concept. Kinjal gets prepared and comes back to Urmila’s area to ascertain if she continues to be asleep and falls on wet floor. She sees open window and thinks cat should have born water mug on floor.

Meera insists Sanskar to marry her. He says it’s not a kid’s play. She asks if he can marry her or not. He says he can however when she gets passport. She says she desires to marry right away. He says we have a tendency to cannot leave town while not passport, in order that they need to cotton on somehow. Meera says if they marry, her family cannot do something and can need to settle for them. Once they get passport, they’ll live their dream life simply.

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