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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini With Questionable $430 Price Tag


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Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S5 Mini back on July 1, 2014. That seems like eons ago in tech terms, but AT&T it just now getting around to bringing the smartphons to its network. AT&T’s glacial progres when it comes to adding the Galaxy S5 Mini was even slower than Verizon’s hesitance to bring the Nexus 6 onboard.

With that said, the Galaxy S5 Mini will be available for $99 with a new, two-year contract or you can select from one of three Next plans. Acquiring the device via NEXT 24, NEXT 18, and NEXT 12 will cost you $14.30, $17.88, and $21.48 respectively per month ($0 down). Alternatively, you can just buy the smartphone outright for $429.99.



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