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Rockstar Delays GTA 5 For PC Once Again, Now Launching April 14


GTA Vice City 5

As if the last couples of  delays weren’t enough, Rockstar has postponed the release of GTA V for the PC once more. Previously, it was already postponed to March 24, but the latest delay pushes that back a few weeks to April 14. If you had cleared your schedule, thinking that the launch was just a month away, you’re going to need to find something else to keep yourself entertained for a while longer,  It’s a well-known fact that developers have been getting sloppy with game releases, releasing unfinished titles simply because it’s easy to patch them after they are already installed on people’s PCs and consoles. What this leads to is a very sloppy early-adopter experience, and masses of gamers are starting to question whether they should bother pre-ordering games at all anymore,  To its credit, Rockstar doesn’t seem to want to release an unfinished game. The console variant of the game has been out since October 2013, but Rockstar has been working hard to ensure that the PC variant of the game is actually a finished, finalized and well-polished product.


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