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Rebel Army declared a ceasefire in Yemen


Ceasefire in Yemen

Houthi rebels in Yemen to help the rebel forces in Saudi Arabia for five days of accepting the offer humanitarian truce is declared.

The previous Friday, the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed aljbyr with his US counterpart John Kerry in Yemen in a joint press conference on May 12 to announce a unilateral ceasefire with Houthi fighters and their allies had urged Turn the military operations.

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According to news agency AFP ceasefire in Yemen the rebel military spokesman Colonel Luqman’s statement in honor of Saudi Arabia’s ceasefire offer was accepted . However, it was said that al-Qaeda or its supporters to be in violation of the ceasefire will be answered in this case.

ceasefire in Yemen

ceasefire in Yemen

He said that the agreement on humanitarian efforts for countries in view of the conciliation agreement we are announcing . ” The Yemeni President Abdullah Saleh, in power since the rebel army loyal to their operations of ceasefire in Yemen, and now he has taken control of many areas.

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The Houthi rebels There was no direct statement . The Houthi rebel leader told the BBC that Saudi Arabia has yet to formalize a ceasefire not an offer ceasefire in Yemen.


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