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Rawalpindi , Islamabad inaugurated the Metro Bus Project


Rawalpindi , Islamabad inaugurated the Metro Bus Project

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at a cost of Rs 45 billion Islamabad, Rawalpindi bus project is opened . The bus service to the area of ​​Rawalpindi and Islamabad 23 kilometers Public Secretariat of the passengers will result in 20 rupees and 50 minutes.

 Route 68 buses will be on the average daily passengers will travel in a thousand 1,35,000 . This is much lower than the market rent and the costs of running the buses will not be charged , the federal government and the bus company that operates two billion annual subsidy will be paid . Lahore , Rawalpindi and Islamabad after the bus where they were taken . Punjab government to launch a similar project approved in Multan.

Rawalpindi , Islamabad inaugurated the Metro Bus Project

Rawalpindi , Islamabad inaugurated the Metro Bus Project

Experts in the field say that public transport is the responsibility of government to provide good service but Metro project does not fully meet this obligation.

Lahore University of Engineering Professor Dr. Ghulam Abbas , head of the Town Planning Department says Anjum Metrobus project in Pakistan are not the solution to the problems of public transport.

 Almost 12 million people in Lahore every day, except in the use of public transport or metro buses one and a half million people are using them . More than one million passengers for the government is doing.

Dr. Ghulam Abbas Anjum said that the metro project in Islamabad where fewer passengers will use the metro buses . Punjab Metro Bus Authority General Manager Aziz Shah says in response to this objection in Lahore government intends to expand the project.

We intend that 14 small ( feeder ) similar routes buses that we will cluayyn through the private sector . When it opened 14 new routes will be connected with the main metro line , we ‘ll cover more than 90% in Lahore.

 Metro buses run on routes which do not run in public bsyun and wagons . The number of private cars on the streets of Lahore city buses has been reduced due . Because it has more space on city streets and be in place before traffic was normal view , now is over.

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