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PS 127 By Election Final Results Complete 8 Sep 2016


PS 127 By Election Final Results Complete 8 Sep 2016

Pakistan Peoples Party Candidate Ghulam Murtaza gained 21550 votes and leading the Election, At 2nd Spot MQM Waseem Ahmad with 15640 Votes, so it can be predict that PPP is winning the Election of PS 127.

Sindh Assembly PS-127 counting of votes after polling for by-election in Karachi when the party first aurgyrhtmy According to unofficial results so far that the MQM is on the second. The Sindh Assembly PS 127 The polling for by-election in Malir non-governmental and non-definitive results until now in the process of vote counting after the PPP lead when the party is on the second, hlqymyn polling began at 8 am the following morning, which continued without interruption until 5pm. 49 polling stations have been declared sensitive sensitive when 67, the presiding officer of the polling officers Rangers had the magistrate status polling process to be completed smoothly.


However, the 20 candidates for electoral contests S 127 M between MQM and PPP kyglam Waseem Ahmed Murtaza Baloch. MQM in Karachi, fighting first election after the detachment of its founder Altaf Hussain, MQM as something of a test for Pakistan. In Jaffer during polling unidentified men threw away MQM polling camp.

In Khokhrapar was fired on MQM polling at which a person was injured as a result. There were also clashes between United and Real MQM workers in many places. Rangers have detained 8 suspects in the wrong using his special powers, including the MQM real sector charge. Read the report: Ashfaq Mangi when the soil clear the party in the general elections of 2013 the MQM Ashfaq Mangi 59 thousand 811 votes in the constituency, won a landslide victory that his opponent PPP Ashraf Soomro was able to get 15 thousand 158 votes. With the inclusion of the PSP Ashfaq Mangi was empty seat since he had resigned from the seat of the provincial assembly.


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