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Polling for the UK general election 2015


Millions of people in the UK general election to be held on Thursday, using voting. An estimated five million people in this election are eligible to vote at 50 polling stations across the country are made.

The 650 members of the British House of Commons elected in these elections and it is the first time that people in the UK are registered for online voting.

UK general election 2015

UK general election 2015

Some vote through postal ballots have already been cast . This vote in the elections of 2010 were equal to 15% of the total votes .

In 2010 the UK general election rate was 65%. Most polling stations for election schools , community centers and churches have been established in some of the polling centers, pubs , shops and a school bus in the laundry are made .

UK general election 2015, If the results of the elections are expected by Friday afternoon , some candidates may be announced late Thursday.

Also Thursday, the elections of local councils in England, nine thousand 279 members are voting for elections .

The Bedford , Copeland , Leicester , Mains Field , will be mdlzbru and for mayor in turby.


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