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Paris Attack Video Leave 160 Deaths

Paris Attack Video Leave 160 Deaths

Paris Attack Video Leave 160 Deaths

Paris: capital of France, suicide attacks and shootings on various locations in more than 160 people were killed and several wounded when attackers killed during the rescue operation 8.

According to a foreign news agency in Paris, capital of France terrorist attack in 7 different locations and suicide blasts that killed 160 people injured. After the incident of terror has been imposed in the whole France in Paris, has been deployed and have been instructed to remain in their homes. The number of rescue teams rushed to the scene and the injured were immediately shifted to nearby hospitals, but most of the injured were in critical condition, the death toll is likely to rise.

Paris Attack Video Leave 160 Deaths

 Paris concert hall btakln American band that was performing the terrorist shot and killed 15 people, while more than 100 people hostage, police said the attackers rescue all hostages shot and killed 8 terrorists killed in the encounter. The terrorists opened fire at shopping malls and other places, killing several people.

Paris, France and Germany in the football stadium was played between teams to see the French president and his entire cabinet, including 80 thousand fans watched the match that terrorists were 2 suicide blast near the football stadium French president was safely out of the stadium. Police sources said the attackers did not know anything about having an attack, but said it is a result of France’s intervention in Syria. Police say 4 to 5 terrorists were hiding there are reports that the operation was launched to arrest.

French President Hollande franskuz In response to the terrorist attacks of 20 conference btakln canceled concert tour and a press conference and said that the terrorist attacks were not ordinary people but terror to intimidate Each case will continue against the operation. The horrific terrorist attack in Paris after the French president announced the state of emergency was issued orders to seal the border. The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Paris after the attacks, US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned the attacks. US President Barack Obama had condemned the terrorist attack in France and the French people are with. He said that France is our oldest ally and will be pursuing the attackers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned the attacks. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan’s national prayers in this difficult time with French people and against the terrorists are ready for every kind of cooperation. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also condemned the attack, and the Security Council strongly condemned the terrorist attack. Besides Turkey, Egypt and Russia have condemned the attacks.

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