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Panama Leaks Nawaz Sharif Family Details


Panama Leaks Nawaz Sharif Family Details

A massive corruption reported by Panama Leaks about Nawaz Sharif Family in London by Hassan Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz and his Daughter Maryam Nawaz.

The large-scale disclosure of secret documents revealed that the peak to tax the rich and powerful individuals worldwide. The documents were leaked from a law firm musak funnyman and number of Panama is one million.

The company said it was not accused of being involved in working undefined from 40 years and never done it. 72 current or former heads of the documents, including dictators, is mentioned, which is accused of plundering the wealth of their countries. ICI says Director Gerard J. Royal This documentation covers musak funyska everyday activities in the last 40 years.

Panama Leaks Nawaz Sharif Family Details

He said: “I think these revelations ‘offshore’ will be the biggest shock to the world.” This data is no secret offshore companies whose Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s former MP links with Gaddafi and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s family and colleagues.

Money supply was made through offshore companies, officially owns two of them were close friends of the Russian president. The Russian composer Sergey partner ruldugn youth and also godfather of Putin’s daughter Maria. The paper ruldugn has generated billions of dollars in suspicious transactions. But according to the documents of these companies, the company has established a veil to hide the identity of the original owner


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  1. is me tajjub ki baat koi nahi or na hi pakistan ki awaam hairaan hogi…… jis mulk ki awaam khud choor bzari me sar garm or ji jaan se mulawis ho ua awaam k liye mulk k pm ka choor hona koi ghalat bt nahi…….

  2. Pakistani qaum best leaders corrupt and musguide them

    • the people of pakistan and specially the voters of nawaz sharief must know how big plunderer of national exchequer of 90% poor and middle class tax payers.

  3. Jase qoam wase hukamran——–no-no-no——
    New version——–Jasay HUKAMRAN wase qoam————I think more appropriate…….

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