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Pak vs Eng 2nd Test Day 1 Live Streaming 22Th October 2015


Pak vs Eng 2nd Test Day 1 Live Streaming 22Th October 2015

Dubai: Pakistan Test captain Misbah-ul Haq said that we made mistakes in the first test, but not the scope of errors in the Pak vs Eng 2nd Test Day 1 Live Streaming .

Addressing a press conference after a practice session in Dubai for Pakistan Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq said tomorrow’s match is very important that we concentrate on giving the bowlers and batsmen are all working well prepared though England has come up with more good games, so we have to win. He said that England are a good team but has already made several errors in the test room for more mistakes But now for the first test of his mistakes are OK.

The captain said that learning from mistakes helps the Yasir Shah perfect fit and he will play tomorrow’s match.

3 Spinners Plan of Pakistan

Dubai Pakistan in a three spinners is considering stripping, Captain said that the final decision will be conditions, they were mistakes in Abu Dhabi, which will be repeated this time, Yasir Shah services available in the first test If the result could have been different, the series has become more interesting.
According to a foreign Web site to Misbah-ul-Haq in his column England Test fast bowler with three spinners and a field can handle, but it would depend on the conditions, the pitch dry and suitable for slow bowlers then we have the three spinners.
The test of Pakistan vs England 2nd Test Live, Sheikh Zayed Stadium pitch was different than in the past, before they begin the third day be favorable for spinners, but this time it happened on the fifth day, we made mistakes in the match, in the second innings shortly 2 wickets Under pressure, but I think we’re still recovering, but the Pakistan batted, Younis Khan and irresponsible shot while playing wickets lost, the errors about our failure cause had been, our effort to avoid such things in the remaining Pak vs Eng 2nd Test Day 1 Live Streaming.

Yasir Shah services if we do not make mistakes, it would have been if the result was different. according to this decision. He said that after the first test series was more interesting in the coming weeks will see the best team.
Dubai: The secret weapon is ready to pounce on target Yasir Shah, English batting in Tests show subverts the intent to kill dangerous, says the guest side, reminiscent of his old nemesis Shane Warne will make, fitness gained 99 percent, did not feel any inconvenience while bowling.

Yasir Shah ready to Spin England

According to the play in the first Test in Abu Dhabi from England to Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah’s services were not achieved due to fitness problems, the difficulties the team faced another test, however, was the return of Yasir Shah they have to fit the full practice with his spin bowling league are eager to convince the English batting line dak, Yasser guest team Warne reminiscent of the old dangerous enemy wants.

Pakistan vs England 2nd Test Live Ptv Sports
Pakistan vs England 2nd Test Live Ptv Sports

Shane Warne in the Ashes against England in the good performance seen and felt weak in facing the league spin bowling, Warne and I like watching videos of them wanted to bowling in nets, I should I sincerely hope that the team will meet the requirements. Shah said the guest-side League against spin bowling will lift full advantage of the weakness, but I did not work with Warren and I met him in my bowling has identified weaknesses, as in I am overcome with digestive.
Yasir Shah said of her fitness to be 99 per cent, took part in bowling and fielding practice, I was not in any trouble, not playing the first Test was disappointing for me, but now fully prepared for the match m. The Captain said Yasir Shah’s return is a good sign for us, we strongly feel the lack of them in the first test, now will be strong spin attack.

Pak vs Eng 2nd Test Day 1 Live Streaming


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