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New Assassins Creed to be Launche in India


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New Assassins Creed 5

The Assassin Creed authorization has been taking players back in time to relive different eras of history. It is, in fact, known for recreating important moments in history. while this year’s Assasin Creed game is yet to be unveil, rumours and leaked screenshots suggest that it is set in Ripper era.

Assassin’s Creed records, a trilogy that is set in China, India and Russia, has also recently been announced by Ubisoft. The Chronicles trilogy covers three eras and follows the lives of three different assassins. From the trailer, one can know that the game is a side scrolled hybrid, in the vein of Prince of Persia.

The first part of the trilogy is based in 1526 in china. Set in Ming Dynasty, the player follows the path of a female assassin named Shao Jun, who is out to seek revenge. The game will be released on 21st April 2015.

The next part of the trilogy shifts to India, 1841. With the background of the Sikh Empire at war, the player plays as an assassin called Arbaaz Mir, who has a cause worth fighting for. And the last game takes the player to back Russia in 1918, where he gets to follow the Assassin Nikolai Orelov, in the result of Red October.



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