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Model Ayyan Ali fined 5 Crore by Customs Court 5 April

Model Ayyan Ali fined 5 Crore by Customs Court 5 April

Rawalpindi: Pakistan customs court collector has sentenced model Ali overseas Forex five million fine after being found guilty of smuggling.

The court also ordered the confiscation of five million US Dollar currency recovered from qbsy of Ali. Customs collector Rawalpindi court has sentenced Ali was sentenced to five million at present two witnesses from the prosecution and verdict of the case.

  • Model Ayyan Ali fined 5 Crore

  • Model Ayyan Ali fined 5 Crore

Mumtaz Hussain Mohammad Awais and witnesses are. I told them that they have the option of Ali and despite calling several times they did not appear in court. Model Ayan Ali in foreign currency have been in prison for five months in the case of smuggling abroad and individual in this case the crime has also been imposed but Ali’s lawyers told Special Judge Lahore High Court the decision of the Central I have a challenge.

The former ruling party are presented as the Pakistan People’s Party Secretary General Sardar Latif Khosa Ali’s lawyer in the case. This stand came from the accused’s lawyers say they will challenge in court the decision of the customs collector. Model Ali was arrested last year when they were taking the sum of more than US $ Million Dubai. The amount of ten thousand US dollars in Pakistan the law is allowed to go abroad

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