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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 14 July 2015 Full Episode


Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 14 July 2015 Full Episode

Pandit ji requests that Ishaani take her pallu on head, they all are concerned. Ranveer gazes Ishaani, Shekhar detests yet RV needs to place sindoor into Ishaani’s head. He takes Mangal sootar from Ishaani’s hand, their wedding glimmer maneuvers into both personalities. Ritika stands maddened, Ranveer and Ishaani investigate one another’s eyes. Ranveer puts Ishaani’s pallu of saree over her head Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 14 July. He requests Ishaani’s hand over his which she keeps for pooja. Ritika leaves the spot. Ishaani, Baa and Shekhar notice her development. Shekhar gestures at Baa and goes behind Ritika. Ishaani successfully takes a gander at RV. Shekhar supposes he must comprehend what is going into his closest companion Ritika’s mind.

Ritika goes to the corner and says she supposes Ishaani has truly lost her memory else she more likely than not advised everything to Ranveer. It is likewise conceivable that she is imagining, yet in both cases annihilation is hers. She ponders when will she escape from this endless loop. Shekhar calls never. Ritika thinks Ishaani is imagining, she has enlightened Shekhar concerning everything. Shekhar comes to Ritika and says that adoration cycles are similar to this, he has been into this too. He says to Ritika its great she came here, he likewise despises Ishaani with Ranveer. He says to Ritika that them two have the same torment. He says a great deal has transpired since yesterday, she didn’t respond. He needs her to impart her agony to her. Ritika says she heard adoration isn’t a diversion however it gets to be when… Shekhar qualifies when it turns into your freakiness. Ritika says no, it turns into your need. Ritika says she lost love in her life dependably Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 14 July. Shekhar thinks keen about her, she needs to say something else and is stating something else. Shekhar says he has been truly furious at RV, at whatever point he watches Ishaani with him he feels like… Ritika says she needs to rebuff Ishaani for this gritting her teeth. She asks Shekhar is this what he needs to say, however this isn’t right. This will get them calmed for some time yet will never get them peace. Shekhar supposes he wish she had done this as well. Ritika says to Shekhar that them two will need to confront their matters independently, she isn’t the only one and is going to have a kid also. Pratik calls Shekhar for Pooja, Shekhar takes a leave.

Ritika goes to the spot of pooja, Ishaani was standing up however blacks out as she feels torment in her damage. RV holds her, Shekhar loathes as Ishaani and RV investigate one another for some time. Pandit ji advises Ishaani never to evacuate this Mangal sootar and sindoor, along these lines they will be headed for the following seven births. RV leaves the stage, Ishaani holds his arm as she tails him. RV takes her hand, he is concerned and helps Ishaani descend the stage. Ritika leaves once more. Ishaani takes a gander at her.

In a corner, Ritika says she doesn’t get it if Ishaani has truly lost her memory or not Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 14 July. Her psyche says she has not but rather her heart says she has, she must consider her brain. The bar man offers her a beverage which she takes, when she takes a gander at Ishaani drawing closer her. She asks why Ishaani is so irate, does she needs to get her truth front of everybody. Ishaani comes to Ritika, Ritika believes Ishaani’s eyes advise her Ishaani recollects everything. Ishaani supposes she just knows how she is bearing her, the individual who executed her mom is remaining before her. Ishaani supposes she can not any more imagine and will bring her truth to everybody. Ishaani slaps Ritika, everybody is stunned. RV comes to see this too Pandit ji asks Chaitali what next? Chaitali requests that he let this show stop. Ritika asks Ishaani for what valid reason she slapped her. RV comes to stand up to Ishaani irately and takes her aside incensed. Shekhar says to Baa this may fizzle their arrangement. Chaitali curses Ishaani before Ritesh while Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Mehra had come to remain with them. Chaitali tries to cover herself up Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 14 July.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 14 July

RV takes Ishaani into a room and holds her asking what is she doing and what she needs. He asks what dramatization is she playing with his life, she has left his life as a show. He asks Ishaani for what good reason she is claiming to lose this memory when she had chosen to get isolated from him. He inquires as to why is she rebuffing him, on the off chance that she needs to rebuff she must murder him once. Ishaani takes a gander at Ranveer without saying a word.


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