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Malik Ishaq Killed with Two Sons in Muzaffargarh Encounter


Malik Ishaq Killed with Two Sons in Muzaffargarh Encounter

Express News reported that the Malik Ishaq of Muzaffargarh encounter with police in counter-terrorism in the country, Malik Ishaq, his son Osman 2 and the pro-Taliban organizations, including 14 suspects were killed. Police officials said the dead included Ghulam Rasool and his sons, and to all the suspects accused of terrorist outfits were wanted in several cases, most of the suspects who died aged 25 there are between 30 years.

Malik Ishaq Killed with Two Sons

Malik Ishaq Killed with Two Sons

Police officials said Ishaq was arrested a few days ago and Ishaq pointed weapons and the arrest of other suspects were being taken to Multan, Muzaffargarh that brought the Shah to deliver the suspects colleagues He was accused of trying to compete and all suspects were killed. CTD police on motorcycles that come with terrorists, terrorists killed 3 water coolers filled with explosives, Kalashnikov, 12 pistols, 400 bullets and a hand grenade were recovered 4. 6 suspects were able to escape with the operation for his arrest has been Muzaffargarh King during the encounter in his 2 sons Isaac and banned organizations, including 6 policemen were injured when 14 persons were killed in Malik Ishaq Killed with Two Sons.

The bodies of those killed in police encounter suspects have been de Kiev hospital over fears the stress Hospital de cue all internal and external doors are closed, causing severe difficulties for patients.


Updated: July 29, 2015 — 10:31 am

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