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LB Election Battle in Karachi, Live News & Coverage

LB Election Battle in Karachi, Live News & Coverage

Karachi: The final phase of local elections in the Punjab city of lights such polling is underway in Karachi Landhi, Korangi, Lyari, Banaras have seen severe stress. 6 districts of Karachi in the last round of local elections in the process of polling started at 7 pm and a half, which will continue uninterrupted until 5 o’clock in the evening, half again the Election Commission, however, there was mismanagement in several polling stations If the process was delayed somewhere on the election ballot papers printed the wrong mark. UC 16 Ward No. 3 in Soldier Bazaar lists nearly 3 hours to reach the polling process, causing delays skarrha angry people protested outside the polling station. District East Union Council No. 28 Ward 1 Oriya C 4 Ward 2 ballots prjnrl kunslrzky candidates Report marks chpapny written complaint MQM Election Commission control room caused the Commission took serious note elections declared null and void.

LB Election Battle in Karachi, Live News & Coverage

LB Election Battle in Karachi, Live News & Coverage

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Meanwhile, in Karachi, Korangi, Landhi, Lyari, Banaras severe stress was observed in the polling stations. Lamp Hotel in Landhi area after the collision between the 2 groups spread severe stress that workers have pulled another camp and the protesters torched the 2 motorcycles in the acute stress Rangers arrived on the scene, the protesters dispersed charge aurlathy the ECP took notice of the situation in Karachi Election kmsnrsy seeks report. Lyari area of ​​Singulane PPP, PML (N) PO PTI workers were facing severe stress after the polling process was halted, however, heavy contingents of police and Rangers in the stands phrpulng once the process has started. Polling station in Karachi, Shah Wali Road took out a uutrpulng stump.

The Rangers Soldier shopping for clothes to be identified by polling station officers arrested three of them were sentenced to 3 months in jail, arrested the officers identified Ashraf Abbas, Mohammad Hassan and Shah Zaman has been named The political party is told. Laynzayrya the UC 9 polling station No. 8 prrynjrzny fake ballot papers tip raided and 3 persons arrested, Karachi Income Tax Building in the ballot box cover 2 political activists clashed when Mawach Goth UC 2 workers in the two parties to the dispute, which the Rangers had to intervene. Moreover, Qasba Colony area of ​​Karachi UC 13, Ward 4 Councillor JI polling was postponed due to the death. To hold peaceful elections Strict security arrangements have been made. According to the EC Karachi 4 thousand 141 to 2 thousand 116 polling astysnzmyn sensitive and a thousand 791 were declared sensitive heavy prsykyurty arrangements are extremely strict. Sindh police, army and the Rangers hired under the Army serving attainment are highly sensitive. Mlyrmyn district are 170 polling stations sensitive and 222 sensitive, sensitive polling stations in the western district 396 and 497 are sensitive. 859 polling stations in the central and 198 have been declared sensitive, 97 sensitive and 279 sensitive polling district in the southern stations, district East 288 sensitive and 321 sensitive polling stations have been declared. 288 polling stations in the Eastern District of sensitive and highly sensitive 321 274 polling stations in the district of Korangi have been identified as sensitive.

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