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Lahore NA 122 Latest Results Update 11 October


Lahore NA 122 Latest Results Update 11 October 2015

According to the new in NA 122 PTI candidate Aleem Khan is leading over PMLN Ayaz Sadiq.

Saidan Shah area of ​​Lahore city police on Upper Mall Road, in the presence of N and PTI workers were among ghtm solidity, stick to each other and the rain of punches, chairs were fired and replaced opponents banners a. PTI angry workers N polling camp thrown away after the arrival of the soldiers, and both parties to overcome the workers went to their camps. PML-N MPA ISF President Wahid Gul and their workers are urged to stay calm. PTI PTI workers clash between polling booth number 89, 90, 91, 92 and 95 of the polling process, but the process continues uninterrupted.

Lahore NA 122 Latest Results

Lahore NA 122 Latest Results

National Assembly NA-122 by-polls for the voting process began at 8 am and will continue uninterrupted until 5pm. The number of registered voters in the constituency, of which 3 million 47 thousand 762 to 90 thousand 328 million is the number of male voters. PML-N leader Sardar Ayaz Sadiq Sheikh high school in Garhi Shahu cast your vote. 284 polling stations have been set up in the zone from which 80 have been declared sensitive. All military personnel are deployed at polling stations that will srankam 5 thousand police officials duties. Election for duty police blockade has 38 locations. PP-147 will also be voting today for the PML-N and PTI Mohsin Latif Siddiqui, Shoaib will compete between. According to the Election Commission for election presiding officers are given the powers of a magistrate. More News Here to find out Lahore NA 122 Latest Results.

Voters from the polling stations is an offense to drive or provide the transport, expired ID card will be allowed to vote on the photocopier and registration will not be allowed to vote on the token. EC CCTV cameras at all polling stations were set up in the central office control room krdyajs chief election commissioner will monitor the control room monitoring have been set up in Islamabad the Chief Election Commissioner and Secretary Election Will the Commission. NA-122 Lahore, PML (N), Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and movement is hotly contested between Aleem Khan Amir Hussain of the PPP are in the zone. Besides the elections for NA-144 Okara has begun the process of polling the PML (N) leader Chaudhry Riaz Ali Arif Chaudhry and independent candidates will compete between.


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