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Karachi severe heat wave, the fire will cause further 4 days


Karachi: Pakistan and around the city has started to grow again in the heat of the Meteorological Department said Sunday that the sun will cause more fire. According to the meteorological department of Karachi and the surrounding area are engulfed in the last several days, and the heat is growing for Karachi severe heat wave.

Thursday the maximum temperature in the city is expected to reach 36 degrees Celsius. Meteorological Department was formed in the Bay of Bengal to the south of India is moving towards mgrbh areas which coastal areas of Sindh, including Karachi is facing intense heat.

Karachi severe heat wave

Karachi severe heat wave

The heat wave will continue through Sunday and also the temperature can exceed 40 degrees Celsius, but the heat will gradually decline. Experts say that despite the intense heat from the ocean winds will continue to enter the heat index will not increase.

The Metropolitan Commissioner Sami Siddiqi heatstroke in the city in view of emergency imposed in the MC in Karachi severe heat wave.

He says that in emergency medical and paramedical staff vacations were canceled when former MC 42 enabled the medical center and medical staff will be available 24 hours.

He added that the emergency center complaining of heatstroke file. But the heat in Karachi in June broke the record of 43 years and 18 Hour kyzgrmy died over one hundred dead.



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