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India Vs Pakistan Cricket History.


India Pak Cricket History

In cricket history India and Pakistan teams matches are very wonderful,their matches are considered a great battle and both of teams put a huge effort to win the match.Fans of Cricket of both nations can’t see their team defeat.So their is always a huge pressure on both teams players.

All over the World cricket fa
ns enjoyed their battle.Pakistan Have a huge lead of 72-50,but they failed all five times in World cup history (1992,1996,2003,2011)  to defeat India.

This time in 2015 WC they are again meeting on Sunday 15 Feb.Fans are going Crazy.Lets see whether history will be changed or not.


All ODI’s 126 Matches Pak 72 won India 50 won

World Cup Matches.   5 Matches India won 5 Pak won 0

Top Runs scorer in 5 world cup matches between pak and India

Sachin Tendulkar 5 Matches 313 runs

Saeed Anwar 3 Matches 185 Runs

M Azharuddin 3 Matches 118 Runs

Aamer Sohail 2 Matches 117 Runs.

Rahul Dravid 2 Matches 105 Runs.


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