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Imran Khan Full Speech Raiwind Jalsa


Imran Khan Full Speech Raiwind Jalsa30 September 2016, Imran Khan Dead Line to Nawaz Sharif over Panama Issue, Imran Khan has long eyelashes deadline to present themselves for the announcement to be more accountable to rally against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif online. Said Khan while addressing the Lahore march participants in Lahore if the prime minister did not for accountability to the eyelashes movement will not allow the prime minister to the government this time will be close to Islamabad.

Imran Khan Full Speech Raiwind Jalsa

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were caught red-handed at the UN evidence that Panama Panama Leaks but not charged in the corruption. He addressed the Prime Minister said that Nawaz Sharif is not a problem of stomach problems to heart, money stolen has made timid by the government, the prime minister has to be like a Mughal minister who spend their money, public Why spend money on lavish life. Imran has already spent Rs 8 billion for the security of the officials said that justice was detained over the river from which the farmers were destroyed, the White House reaction to the United States nearly half the Wind Palace where the employees from the White House.

Imran Khan Full Speech Raiwind Jalsa

Imran Speech Raiwind March

Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif corrupt person FBR chairman made that sent Rs 25 billion to Dubai every month, only poor people are gone for, justice institutions do not have such a large theft of Western countries in doing so they develop strong institutions but corruption by speaking flat purchased abroad, would destroy the institution of the country because of corruption, government lied to the people.

Imran Khan said that the Prime Minister added psychoanalyst, corruption, tax evasion and money laundering, which broke the 4 laws, there are flats in expensive areas of Fair wine in London, why not told that the billions Where do not worry about that when the minister says Khawaja Asif assembly while people will forget, but I want to say that Panama will not forget Lex people will forget. That corrupt rulers are destroying the country, he said, it is not striving to become prime minister.

The Indian challenge Modi Khan said that Modi is standing with the people of Pakistan why that’s not my business cute like Nawaz Sharif to stay in some misunderstanding saw Nawaz Sharif , Narendra Modi, Gujarat uaqaykybadbhy woe that they have not changed, he has failed the people of India and Pakistan people.

Khan says that Jammu and Kashmir people are the army for 26 years, where are tired of Indian atrocities and exacerbated the serious violations of human rights, Sharif heard at the United Nations has strong words of Kashmir but speech take seemed that they were forced to stand by the Kashmiris in Pakistan feel that things are not asking from the heart, Modi ears open Karsan that unite the nation. He said it will support the Kashmiris in their nation will bow before anyone, and circumstances


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