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Hillary Clinton Becomes 45th President of USA

Hillary Clinton has strongly urged the voting public that US First Lady Michelle Obama called the best choice for the Hillary for President Obama stressed to join the Clinton saying we do not want a United States division the Hillary Clinton Becomes 45th President of USA on 9 November 2016.

Hillary Clinton Becomes 45th President of USA

Hillary Clinton Becomes 45th President of USA

Americans continue polling in various states which are going to choose their 45th president, began polling the traditional 3 towns of the state of New Hampshire, where the voters collectively arrived at polling stations and its the vote. The polling is being begins gradually in different states. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has cast his vote in New York with his Hillary Clinton.

Clinton then arrived to vote at elementary school near his residence were collected large numbers of people stood and welcomed Medium Speaking to reporters after he cried, saying President said that most of the country.

Who won the USA President Election 2016

Republican Party candidate Donald Trump did vote in New York, they came close to the polling station with his wife on the occasion were extremely strict security measures. Trump and his wife later called the children to vote outside the polling station and went back. Hillary Clinton Trump contest is expected in the presidential election, and both are in desperate pushing for its success. Bloom is the US 44 and Trump 41% for the new survey released by Bloomberg, 48 percent of Fox News poll are supporters of Hillary and 44 percent of Trump when CNN Pennsylvania Anne and surveys in ahead of Hillary.

US Republican presidential candidate elected president says Donald Trump will stop coming they will eliminate religious extremism and Syrian refugees when he announced to the wall again Mexico border Is The president is elected indirectly by an electoral college and the winner will get less than 270 votes in the 538 electoral votes to win the presidency.

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