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Google Announces Android Pay To Integrate With Mobile Payment Service



Sundar Pichai, Google’s Senior Vice President of Product, announced that Google is working on an “Android Pay” API for the Android operating system that should standardize how mobile payments work on Android and also make it easier for merchants to be compatible with all Android Pay services. So far Google hasn’t had tremendous success with Google Wallet, despite the service being available on the market for a few years already. In part, this is because Google focused only on the U.S. market, instead of trying to expand globally, where the carriers became hostile to the Google Wallet app because they were getting ready to launch their Isis (now Softcard) mobile payments system. Because mobile payments could be a billion-dollar business for any serious company entering this market, Google Wallet also faced competition from Google’s own partners — Android OEMs such as Samsung, who are building their own mobile payments services. Samsung recently acquired LoopPay, which is already compatible with the vast majority of merchant stores, but it remains to be seen if this will be a long-lasting thing, as both consumers and the U.S. law are pushing towards standardization around the EMV chip and PIN standard.


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