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Germanwings Passenger Plane Crashes In France



Germanwings plane 4U 9525 crashes in French Alps, 150 passengers dead.

The Airbus A320 – flight 4U 9525crashed in French Alps on Tuesday while traveling from Spain to Germany. There are no survivors, officials say

Teams find black box of Germanwings aircraft in snow-covered mountains, reason of the crash is not known and the pilot also did not send a distress signal. The aircraft last contact with French air traffic controllers at 10:53 A.M at an height of about 6000 feet.

All 150 passengers including 16 children from a German school exchange trip dead after the aircraft crashed in the French Alps region.

French President said that many of the plane’s passengers were German.

Germanwings has outstanding safety records, The company has serious concerns about the incident and wants know how actually this incident has happened.


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