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Delhi gang rapist interview: Minister Launches inquiry



Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh has launched inquiry into how a TV crew gained permission to interview one of the Delhi gang rapists on death row.

He criticised the film in parliament, saying it should not be shown in India. A Delhi court has already blocked the film, made for the BBC and NDTV. Film-maker Leslee Udwin said the jail and home ministry had given her permission to conduct the interview. She spoke to one of four men sentenced to death over the 2012 rape and murder. The killing of the 23-year-old student on a bus in Delhi caused shock and revulsion around the world. Udwin interviewed one of the rapists for India’s Daughter, a BBC Storyville documentary which was due to be broadcast on 8 March, International Women’s Day. It is now being shown in the UK on Wednesday night. Rapist Mukesh Singh, who along with the three others is facing the death penalty, expressed no remorse in the interview, and blamed the victim for fighting back.


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