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Chotu Gang Surrendered against Army Watch Video


Chotu Gang Surrendered against Army Watch Video

Rajanpur Ghulam Rasool chotu and the army ground operation against the gang have completed all preparations.

Army public relations department, the ISPR ‘to complete preparations in the mud, according to the statement, however, has not yet started the ground operation, orders will soon begin a ground operation. chotu gang difficulties in identifying which is bound up in front of the kidnapped. Police and local citizens for priority is to recover the abducted policemen have been negotiations chotu gang.

The army has evacuated 10 settlements few beauty, chotu meeting which is being bombarded periodically with the help of heavy chotu gang hideouts area is dust and to dust, but until now no qnsan found no reports of casualties. Few pure beauty army was curfew from 7am to 9am and noon to 2 pm, chotu Gang  being places also gradually reduce river water to reach that there for bomb-proof tanks were also Darren.

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