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Bangladesh hangs Islamist leader for 1971 war massacres


Jamaet e Islami leader Kamaruzzaman hanged in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh authorities hanged a Islamic leader for overseeing a massacre throughout the nation’s 1971 independence war against pakistan.

Mohammad Kamaruzzaman
“Mohammad Kamaruzzaman has been dead at 10.30pm People’s Republic of Bangladesh time (1630 GMT),” law and justice minister Anisul Huq told fetoprotein.

Specially trained convicts took him to a makeshift gallows tree originated close to his cell and hanged himemploying a rope, in line with Bangladeshi jail procedure. He was declared dead by a adjudicator and a government doctor.

Kamaruzzaman, the third most senior figure within the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was guilty of abduction, torture and murder jointly of the leaders of a pro-Pakistan militia that killed thousands of individuals.

An car carrying Kamaruzzaman’s body left the jail for his home village in northern People’s Republic of Bangladesh quite associate degree hour when the execution, jailer Farman Ali told reporters, adding that the vehicle was escorted by a convoy of elite security officers.

The Jamaat party condemned “the government’s pre-planned murder of author, journalist and Islamicscholar” Kamaruzzaman and known as a nationwide strike for weekday in protest at the hanging.

Hundreds of lay supporters burst into cheers and created triumph signs as news of the hanging wasproclaimed in central Dacca, wherever they gathered to celebrate the death of a person they known as a “war butcher”.

Kamaruzzaman, 62, became the second Muhammedan to be hanged for atrocities throughout the 1971 war. Abdul Quader Molla, Jamaat’s fourth-highest graded leader, was hanged in December 2013.


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