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ASUS Matrix Platinum GeForce GTX 980

mmNvidia GeForce GTX 980 is nothing but a dream. For others, it’s just a starting point. That latter group was Asus’ target when it designed the ROG Matrix Platinum GTX 980. This is a premium product, designed from the ground up with extreme overclocking in mind. The Matrix Platinum is part of Asus’ Republic of gamers line, and as such it features the familiar red and black color scheme. Large copper heat pipes are painted black to match the card. The end result is a clean appearance, leaving the cooling hardware inconspicuous. Of course, the huge shroud helps with that. Built onto a 140mm-tall PCB measuring 280mm (12″) in length, it’s hard not to notice how large the Matrix is. While it is technically a dual-slot card, at 40mm (just over 1.5″) wide, Asus pushes the limit of what you can cram into a couple of expansion slots. Weighing in at 1158 grams, (3 lbs, 8 oz) the Matrix Platinum feels robust from the moment you pick it up. Just make sure you have space in your case.

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