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Aamir Khan considering leaving India due to extremism

Aamir Khan considering leaving India due to extremism

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, known as Mr. perfectionist worried about growing extremism and intolerance in India and has begun to consider leaving India.

India’s rising Hindu extremism and intolerance of minorities, the country’s leading writers, poets and Bollywood actors, including people from other walks of life, which also has upset several prominent writers, poets and filmmakers themselves National awards have a movement to return the country against growing extremism and intolerance Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan also spoke out, but now another famous actor Aamir Khan has hinted to leave.

My wife is afraid to leave India on which he advised, however, a growing sense of insecurity in the country continues to be strongly felt.

Bollywood star to return the award, writers and filmmakers who support the law that all persons have the right to protest within the individual. The Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s growing extremism and intolerance in the country for speaking out against the BJP had to face criticism.

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