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9 people died in the US in the fight against gangs , arresting 100


Firing In USA | 9 Killed 18 Injured

9 people died in the US,According to police, the anti- American groups in Texas, nine people were killed in the shootout and captured at least 100 people.

According to police, the twin city of Vico Sports Bar & Grill in packs of two rival motorcycle gangs exchanged gunfire. 9 people died in the US According to the 8 men on motorcycles were killed on the spot while one person died in hospital . Firing at least 18 people were injured.

                          9 people died in the US

9 people died in the US

Michael Logan, a witness told the local newspaper Herald Tribunal Vico , restaurants and car parking had become a battleground estimated 30 guns were being used . "
According to police, five groups were involved in the shootout . The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon . Apparently began fist fighting was parking space later on chains , sticks and knives were used in the exchange of fire.
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According to police spokesman Patrick W. Vico firing that might still be around and careful to get out of the urban households .
According to police, three people were arrested on the spot and a police officer hurt in the incident.

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