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8 people Died in Rawalpindi Heavy Rains Today


8 people Died in Rawalpindi Heavy Rains Today

RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) – At least eight people including two children perished in Rawalpindi after the heavy rains across Punjab caused flooding in the drains and streams across the province.

Reportedly, the level of Nala Lai has risen dangerously high and the army has been summoned to carry out relief activities.

8 people Died in Rawalpindi Heavy Rains Today

According to details, the rains in the twin cities first turned the weather pleasant in the morning and then the heavy rain again lashed at around 10am, this time with a lot more force than before and soon turned deadly.

One of the deceased is identified as Ibrar who died after the roof collapsed at Gulshan Abad area of Rawalpindi. At Dhok Matakkiyan area, an 11-year-old boy identified as Daud drowned in the drainage.

Another woman and her child drowned in water near Carriage Factory area.

The ongoing rain turned the roads and streets into flowing streams. Several areas including Fauji Colony, Misryal, Westridge, John Colony, Gawal Mandi, Javed Colony, Arya Mohalla and other areas are flooded and the water has even entered the houses.

Several stations of the Metrobus are also flooded as result. After water in Nala Lai rose to a dangerously high level, an alert has been issued in nearby localities.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has ordered the Rawalpindi administration to drain the water from populated areas on urgent basis. He expressed grief over the casualties caused by the flood.

News Source: http://dunyanews.tv/index.php/en/Pakistan/288039-8-perish-as-Rawalpindi-floods-turn-deadly-army-su


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