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400 Pakistani Name List Panama Papers 2nd Phase


400 Pakistani Name List Panama Papers 2nd Phase

Panama papers second installment has also been released , Panama leaks are the names of four thousand Pakistanis panama 2nd List, Panama 9 May 2016, including offshore companies belonging to the 400 leading businessmen , politicians and showbiz personalities in the new installment . According to Khan ‘s friend came second in the list of the London -based al zulfy . Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari own offshore company in partnership with his sisters . Includes Abdul Haleem Khan’s name in the list of PTI names in panama list 9 may 2016.

Leaks in Panama zulfy Bukhari included in the names of six offshore companies whose families . Zlfy Wajid Bukhari Bukhari ‘s father was the minister in charge of two thousand and eight . The Prophet ‘s uncle stuck zlfy PTI MP A.

Panama Lex Irfan Iqbal came the name . Owns three offshore companies Irfan Iqbal Friends of the President and the United chief . PSO Irfan Iqbal was accused of looting the entire NAB plea bargain by reference ‘ve got the money back . President Irfan Iqbal says the partners themselves . M submitted assured the MQM chief ‘s bail money of one million pounds.

400 Pakistani Name List Panama Papers 2nd Phase

400 Pakistani Name List Panama Papers 2nd Phase

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Son Abid Mahmood Moss Green Ltd. owns an offshore company . Mahmood Akbar , Bushra Ejaz Ejaz Mehmood and its partner company based in the British Virgin lynd . It works under thirty companies Abid Family Group.

Obaid Chinoy , who was also the mother of winning the Oscar . Obaid Obaid Chinoy ‘s mother, Saba owns three offshore companies , while also Obaid Obaid Chinoy name taulrz Limited owners . The company is a major exporter of textiles and consign the American Wal-Mart . Belize Offshore Group is a family owned company called Chennai . The company has two properties in the Trump Tower in New York Donald Trump.


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