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102 Dead in Indian Temple Fire 10 April 2016


102 Dead in Indian Temple Fire 10 April 2016

New Delhi during the Indian state of Kerala temple terrible fire killed 102 people and injured more than three hundred were krzkmy. Incident occurred due to fire crackles in the putyngl temple in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Kovalam kyzla. Indian media reported that the fire crackles putyngl fireworks were being celebrated in the temple gained intensity. Vishnu temple festival was celebrated on the night of the fire.

Indian Temple Fire

102 Dead in Indian Temple Fire

Burn injured have been shifted to nearby hospitals. According to foreign media were at fireworks warehouse aurmndrqryb reached, causing the fire crackles and flammable materials warehouse fire quickly spread to the large number of deaths. Carhyly helicopters were used in the rescue.

The fire intensity from the densely populated and narrow lanes around the temple to duklumytr is also facing difficulties in relief. Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy after the accident, rushed to the scene to suspend his campaign. And was rushed to the scene


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